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Corn Palace Stampede Queen Contest

Judging Guidelines


*        There will be two qualified judges for horsemanship for all age divisions.

*        There will be three qualified judges for interviews, introduction speeches, impromptu questions, speeches, modeling, & photogenic, for all age divisions.

Judged Events:

*        Horsemanship - Each contestant will compete in horsemanship.  Sr. Queen Contestants will be running two patterns for horsemanship.  The first pattern will be run on their horse & the second pattern (rail work) will be run on an unfamiliar horse.

*        Introduction Speeches - Each contestant will be giving a brief introduction speech about themselves.  Contestants should include their name, age, parent’s name, where they are from & some fun facts about themselves.

*        Impromptu Questions – Each contestant will be answering an impromptu question.  Jr. Princess & Princess Contestants will be answering one impromptu question.  Jr. Queen Contestants will be answering two impromptu questions & Sr. Queen Contestants will be answering three impromptu questions.

*        Speech – Jr. Queen Contestants will be giving a minute & a half speech.  Jr. Queen Contestants will be giving a speech on “The History of the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo”.  Sr. Queen Contestants will be giving an extemporaneous speech.  Sr. Queen Contestants will be given five different topics to choose from & ten minutes to prepare their speech.  It should be around a minute & a half long.

*        Modeling – Each contestant will model one western outfit of their choice.  Please bring a description of your outfit on a 3x5 notecard prior to judging.

*        Photogenic – Sr. Queen Contestants will be scored on the photograph that is submitted with their application.  This photograph should be a vertical head & shoulder shot.  Please send two.

*        Interview – Three judges will privately interview each contestant. 

*        Written Test – All Jr. Queen & Sr. Queen Contestants will be taking a written test.  The questions on the test are factual questions that are taken out of the interview & they may include horse care, knowledge of tack, disease, anatomy, knowledge of professional rodeo, rodeo terminology, & world standings.

*        Participation – Each Contestant will be judged on her participation level throughout the entire Queen Contest.

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